Thursday, May 1, 2008

Who am I?

Where do I begin?During my childhood I was a daughter,a sister,the middle child for almost 13 years,a pirate,scientist and the voice of my Barbie dolls. I said what they couldn't and what I would never dare,it was a fair deal all round. Through my teenage years I was a liar,a dopehead, a loner,an uncover spiritualist,reader a really smart kid who purposefully got bad grades.(smart is not cool).I kissed a lot of boys who all left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.I always wanted to have a real run in with the law,which never happened much to my dismay but I was an avid storyteller(liar) and I've spent a week in one of the city's most feared prisons.I'm sure my high-school friends recount to their new friends colleges and even perhaps their kids about the girl they who got caught doing a drug run and spent a week in Pollsmoor. I've long forgotten the story I told but its funny how I'm dead certain the lie lives on. I have always been deeply religious.For many years I was a strong Christian or I tried really hard to be.Church twice a day on Sundays and Sunday school until I was 13. I repented my sins every night and gave my heart to Jesus when I was ten all in the hope it would save me from eternal damnations.I still struggle with visions of the Hell fires .Thats all from me today.

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